Sand Castle

Winter Station Competition 2017



Duration : 2016.11


The Sandcastle reshape and enriches Toronto’s waterfront through curved high reflective panels. Attached Polyester Film allows the structure to mirror surrounded nature and curved surface creates reversed scenery of Toronto beach. By reflecting and reversing surrounding, the proposal gives surrealistic experience to visitors - hovering sand castle. Sky holds up the sand beach and visitors pass under the reflection of sand beach. It may remind them their childhood playing with a sand castle on the beach.




In urban environments, most rainwater is lost: Only 15 percent of storm water reenters the ground on developed landscapes (as opposed to 50 percent on natural landscapes). With a global shortage of water supply, rainwater conservation has been a critical issue for a long time. The proposal is intended to be reused as rainwater catcher after the installation and remind the crisis, which we are facing and easily be forgotten.