Great Wall


Duration : 2013. 09 - 2013. 12



With a long history of architecture, as architecture has evolved, elements, which are consisting architecture, also have evolved in various ways. However, as brilliant invention of architectural legacy repetitively have used, original meaning of invention has faded and became “architectural cliché “, which have been used without perception of their originality. 

Throughout re-interpretation of architectural cliché, it intends to explore noble usages of architectural elements. The project was started from exploring “wall”, which have used in various scales and functions with a history.  To be specific, as a fundamental element of architecture, “wall” have functioned separation, organizing spaces, and aqua duct, etc. With discreet research of history, the project was conceived to invest urban scale of wall, Which is able to properly work in terms of program and function.





One of important features of wall is making enclosed a venue with a certain properties. The project captured the moment, when people leap into another wall, which is the moment suddenly encountering different space with feelling of change. Materiality, depth, size and texture of walls define dominant character of the space. At beginning of the project, I imagined an experience, which I pass through arrays of different walls. Thousand of different sense of space is crushing me by time.




The basic ideas of the program are hanging between walls. The residents units and public programs are placed between the walls and functionally supported by the great wall. Each of walls is designed to generate own unique quality of spaces by different materiality.  




Functionally designed the great wall has unprecedented appearance and makes unique quality of spaces. Especially, while people are passing through the walls, they encounter series of different spaces in a short time. The collective walls produce collect experience of architectural spaces.



The wall is acting not only for providing unique spatial properties but also support the project functionally.The walls bring various functions such as staircase, eletronic, water pipe, heating and etc. 




The idea of unit design also comes from re-interpretation of wall. The project suggests series of wall-kit which support activities in residents. The wall-kit is located in floors and defines the units. The unit of resident is decided not by dimension of physical properties of room but by types of walls. Each of wall types contains different furniture and facilities and users can customize their space with their preferences.