Bank with Artists


Duration : 2013. 01 - 2013. 05



The goal of the project was conceiving the new type of architecture, which can represent the identity of the local society, at the same time, support the local business. 

Along with the history, Brooklyn has been serving the role of focal point for artists. Especially, for the young artists , living in Brooklyn was the chances to be prepared for the future interacting and communicating with artists in various territories. But, as the area have been developed with merchandising, the identity, which make this area unique and special, has faded. The idea was suggesting a bank system and an architectural space, which can make converging between bank and art supporting space. The bank is involved with the process of Art supporting system, from creating the pieces to selling the pieces. The project is aiming not only create noble identity of Brooklyn but also achieve sustainable development .




The strategy of design comes from circulation of Bank and Young Artists programs. The project is aiming to merge those two different programs, at the same time, make them work separately with proper functions.  The idea of circulation is introducing trading room and auction house as a bridge program, which works both for bank service and artist supporting program.  Through trading rooms and Auction house, those different users begin to interact and communicate.



Each of functionally defined linear circulation is deployed along with a spiral in the site from bottom to top. As these circulations are interweaving, internal spaces is able to achieve unexpected spaces. At the same time, through trading room and auction house, the circulation of programs get interact and be more diversified.




Building envelop was considered to provide different conditions to different program. The parts, which covered the bank circulation, are made of flit glass and another part, which correspond to gallery spaces, are covered with perforated copper rain screen panels, which are designed to make diffused light for gallery space.



The building is consisted with two interlocked spiral circulation. Since the program is located along with stair and ramp spaces, bank and exhibition spaces are designed on angled floor plates, so that each of space get unusually quality of spaces.