Duration : 2014. 01 - 2014. 05




The invention of e-commerce’s platform was evolution in terms of customization and efficiency of the system. Now a day, E-commerce has analyzed their customer’s desire and consumption and show and sends what need specifically.  The system has evolved not only to make customer convenience but also to achieve more protift. With development of today’s brillient technology, E-commerce is facing new opportunity to be evolving.


The project is came up with an idea of rapid and instant interaction of E-commerce. The project is intended to reflect public’s desire physically and programatically and try to make a building typology for The project is aminng to make a system instead of completed building, which is similar with the constantly evolving system of





In architectural history, architect also have involved with people’s way of consumption with its own ways. Sometime it is matter of size or sometimes it was about quality of space. Architecture has mediated between public’s desire and Merchandise’s profit.  Especially, in the project, the project is focusing on quantity of spaces. In past, the size of store is defined by goods in the store, however, in today, the size of store is decided by power of merchandise; Today Apple store occupy large territory, even though most of their products are selling through internet. The idea of the project was coming from the key words “public’s desire and quantity of space.” Basically, the building is corresponding with market sharing data, which is possibly interpreted to desire of today people. As the market sharing is higher, the brand can occupy more spaces showing their influence. It is a game to occupy a building with their market sharing data. 



The Code is interacting with Market Sharing data instantly. The building is evolving by itself with economic circumstance. The building show people’s desire directly, and, .either, transfer the data to architectural space.



From the experiment between two brands, it is extended to nowadays actual market sharing data. Surely, the system is flexible to the number and conditions of site. According to the data, the biggest changing between 2007 – 2014 are apple and Nokia. Apple showed remarkable development. But, Nokia showed decrease of market Sharing.  With the changing of the data, the system provides less production and, either, less quantity of spaces.



The system is based on self-assembly system. They receive information about proper location then, move to the place sliding to other boxes. Each of boxes contains actual items and when the brands need to be extended or some boxes are needed to be replaced, they are evacuated from the core.The propagation of the brands starts from the core in center. It provides, not only the supplying of the boxes but also structure and overall circulation. And items are also archived in storages in a center and evacuated between the slabs. Since the changing of market sharing per year is little, so, after first propagation, space is stabilized. 



Overall tower’s composition is also affected by the data. Based on Market sharing data by session, the building is divided by different industry. According to the data, brands related to technology like google and apple are occupying largest areas. And electronic brands like canon and sonny get smallest areas. It helps people to experience same categories brands and makes them compare similar items in close distance.