YEOUINARU Competition 2017, KOREA



Duration : 2017. 05



The design of the ferry terminal is intended to bridge Seoul city and Han-River which separately have been developed for a long time, through the street connecting the city to the riverside and the rectangular decks floating on the river to vitalize the riverside.

Instead of an existing linear composition of Han-river, the proposal introduces human scaled alley and buildings with mixed and combined programs along with the street to bring the stream of the city. And the floating deck is designed as continuing path of the street and the proposed terminal is located in the center of the rectangle.

The proposal itself is 2story and 7meter tall; the metal roof reflects the natural and urban scenery of Seoul, and the tapered facade gives shading with a walkway.  The proposal is suggesting the multiple dynamic ways of indoor and outdoor activities. The terminal seating in the center of the deck and each of branches of the building stretching out to the deck has different indoor and outdoor activities. 


Architects: Yongwon Kwon, WoN Architect
Location: Yeouido Han-River Park area between Mapo Bridge and Wonhyo Bridge, Seoul, Korea

Program: Ferry Terminal
Gross Area: 2,500㎡
Status: Competition
Year: 2017

Architect in Charge Yongwon Kwon




Master Plan.jpg
Interior Rendering.jpg
Plan 1F.jpg
Plan 2F.jpg