Duration : 2014.09 - 2014.12



The  machinery experiment, which is represented by Cedric prince’s Fun palace tried to develop a radical new concept of improvisational architecture of capable of mediating uncertain social situations of post war. The architectural experiment was suggested to liberate them from previous ideology and educate them to admit new life style originated from industrial evolution. The building like machine broadens people’s experience and taught them the way to express their desires.


In these days, emergence of POP-UP culture not only represent the desire of personal expression but also desire to have unlimited joy. Comparing with the circumstances of post war, individual’s desires have been varied and more personalized. If Fun palace was conceived to educate ‘desire’, new machine building in new era is aiming to liberate them from limited today’s environment.





The project is based on transformable unit. Basically, the unit has inclined cone shape and rotatable. By changing focal points and it move through the track. The unit contains bearing system and inner part of the unit is also rotatable via bearing system. The inner part is consisted with series of stabs which is transformed by angle of whole unit. The transformer unit is defined different fiction and identity through angle of unit





The transformer was conceived in a way to contain various activities. In order to have flexibility, the unit was designed as module system. Inside of bearing structure, replaceable stair module is placed which can be selected by the function. Also, additional function such as light and projector is able to be attached on the bearing structure. Entrance of the unit is placed on the middle of the cone. Also, the unit is able to combine with another unit.




The building is consisted with series of transformers. Along with movement of transformer, the track of transformer make unique quality of spaces and, around the track, spaces are divided by partition and floors. Basically, transformer and the track are cross the building. 






Identity of each transformer is defined by angle and view of the unit. By controlling the angle of transformer, function of inner space is defined, at the same time view of the unit could be selected by the content of performance.