Floating Toilet

Core Studio I

Duration : 2012. 09 - 2012. 10


The project was conceived with the idea, ‘How architects let public participate in sustaining urban environment’. Over decades, architects have contributed to improve urban environment with their grateful designs. But, as our society become more sophisticated, architects are supposed to consider contexts around building. Under the circumstance, public’s participation can be served important role to sustain our society



The machine  was conceived not to push public contributing our society asking to be good people. In order to achieve real meaning of “sustainable”, the participation should be executed without rewarding and be spontaneous. Spontaneous participation can be conducted via their interest.  


The floating toy is activating with entertaining. While they are enjoying their floating journey, at the same time, they are cleaning and purifying water unconsciously. When the machine is pedaled, water passes through the filter and is purified. In the floating toy, thee packings of filter, which are replaceable, are embedded in the machine. Each of the filter is activated padeling the machine. The first tray of filter collects garbages on the surface of water. And rest of filter purify water under the surface.The process of purification imitates the nature process.